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Team Biographies

Team Leader

Team Leader, Producer, Director

Shaun is a free-lance writer, VIP driver and advanced driving instructor. He’s former Infantry of the Canadian Armed Forces and an experienced camper with Urban & Wilderness survival skills. He enjoys Rock Climbing, Canoeing, and is a pretty good archer. He’s a former racecar driver, Advanced, Tactical and Winter Driving Instructor and there’s not much he can’t handle driving through. He loves camping and often packs up the bike or car with his gear and takes off for several days. When asked “Where are you heading this time?” he will generally point in a direction and reply “That way”.


Survival Expert

James is married with a young son at home and he is our resident survival expert. He’s a military veteran (infantry sniper) of the Canadian Forces but we can’t really talk anymore about that. His current job…he’s a survival instructor! This guy just loves being out in nature and the more hostile the terrain, the more he loves it. If you ask him to build an emergency shelter in the woods, he’ll ask you how many rooms do you want?

One time he got bored and went camping for a month in the backwoods. In Northern Ontario. With only 25pds of gear on his back. In January.


Team Clown & Medic

Team Clown & Medic

Markus is as mad as a hatter but don’t let that fool you. He’s an experienced snowboarder and skier and a snowboarding instructor. He’s also got survival and avalanche training (including SAR training) as well as advanced first-aid training (just shy of paramedic level). Markus is a bit of a Nomad and loves traveling the world and trying new experiences. Nothing is too big or too small to try and he’ll try anything at least once. This long-haired hippie looking dude also loves camping and rock climbing and he’s also a musician. Although he comes off as the team clown, he’s all business when there is a job to do. Good news ladies…there’s no ring on his finger! Yet!




Team Mechanic

As the team mechanic, Chris has a lot of weight on his shoulders. He’s a very experienced mechanic and specializes in building off road vehicles. He’s also an off road driving instructor and avid camper. Not only will he be building our Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicons into expedition grade vehicles, he’s also  going to be responsible for keeping them running while we’re on the road. We don’t need to be worried though…if he can’t fix it, it would mean a catastrophic failure of either the engine or transmission. “Stop breaking the trucks!” Because…reasons. The silver Cherokee in the background is his pride and joy. Well…second to his wife and kids of course!



Support Crew & Photographer

Support Crew & Photographer

Second Cousin to Shaun and step Sister to Markus, Kendra makes a great addition to the team and is likely to be the one person who stops us all from doing something really stupid. Well…she’ll try anyway. Either way, she’s sure to get photos and video of it! Engaged and with two lovely young girls, this lady knows how to handle stress. Before we jump out of an airplane, she’ll be the one that makes sure we have our parachutes on first! As an avid camper with a sense for adventure, she’s proven that she can stay calm under pressure and survive under life threatening situations. This pint-sized power house is a force to be reckoned with so don’t get on her bad side!




Naviguesser & Photographer

Steve is an avid adventure guy and has been Shaun’s friend for about 12yrs. The two of them have been to India and Switzerland together and together, they certainly know how to have fun. Steve is our “GET IT DONE” guy. He’s also a very experienced camper (goes several times a year) and has been tested in life threatening survival situations a number of times. He, like Shaun, also has a love for riding motorcycles. He’s pretty much up for anything.

Hands off ladies…he’s spoken for!





Asst. Producer & Videographer

Originally from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario,  Kyle moved to Toronto and graduated from Humber College with an Advanced Diploma in Film and Television Production.

In his second year of film school Kyle produced the non-narrative environmental documentary “Voorje” which was officially selected for Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival and several other festivals around North America and Europe. He produced his first feature film “Blood Riders: The Devil Rides with Us” which won several “Best Feature Film” awards in festivals across North America and Europe. Blood Riders was picked up by Brink Vision for distribution in 2015.

Kyle is currently working on development of several feature films and documentaries globally.

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