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Damn Bugs! Sawyer Products has Insect Repellents to get them to bugger off!

Posted on August 27, 2014

sawyer_productsSo how did a company that’s known for specializing in water treatment products end up selling insect repellents? Well I touched base with my rep at Sawyer and asked her directly and the response was brilliant! “We actually had our insect repellents as part of our product line before we added the filters.  Our CEO started the company hoping to help solve the world’s two leading causes of death which are malaria from mosquito bites and bad water.” said Stacey Hammerburg of Sawyer Products. Well that’s pretty cool really and here I thought maybe it was to avoid being eaten alive while collecting dirty water from streams, lakes or puddles! Boy was I wrong.

Sawyer Products provides four different options for insect repellents and which one is best for you depends on your own needs. I decided to try out their Maxi-DEET and the Ultra30 Liposome Controlled Release. The first chance to try the stuff came up when my friend and her sister took off for a week to a cottage near Tobermory, Ontario. If you’re not familiar with the forested area (start of the famous Bruce Trail), the bugs up there in August can make your trip miserable if you aren’t prepared. So off they went and I sent them packing with both the Maxi-DEET and the Ultra30 to try out. Well move over Muskol and OFF Skintastic! The Sawyer repellents were nothing short of amazing! Don’t take my word for it though, take it from my friend who tried the stuff.

IMG_8935x1“My sister and I (both with Lilly white English skin) decided to hike around cypress lake in Bruce Peninsula Provincial Park in August. I have a disproportionate reaction to Mosquito stings and within seconds I blow up like a peach where ever I am stung.

I have tried nearly every product on the market over the last 20yrs and thanks to my friend Shaun’s insistence, I decided to try Ultra30 by Sawyer. We headed out on an overcast day with some sunny breaks without putting on any mosquito deterrent. While we were on the move I became aware of the presence of those pesky mozzies. We stopped for a moment for some water and I was bitten three times on my leg. I took the Ultra30 from my bag and applied it to every bit of exposed skin.

I have to say the cream was easy to put on and smelt unusually pleasant. Certainly better than any other product I have used in the past.

It is an excellent product and after hiking the 10km around the Lake with some paddling in the water, I had not sustained a single extra bite or sting. I continued to use the Ultra30 and reapplied it daily and was not bothered by Mosquitoes, or anything else for that matter again. I would definitely highly recommend this product and will continue to buy it. My sister tried the Maxi-Deet also which was equally effective although it didn’t smell as nice.” -Fiona

It should be noted that the Maxi-DEET is 98% DEET and designed for conditions where you are simply being swarmed by flying biting insects with large appetites. The Ultra30 is for less extreme conditions. For parents who are concerned about exposing their kids to high levels of DEET, there is a 20% Premium version. All these products implement a slow release system that can keep you protected for 10-11hrs. The final product they offer is the Permethrin Premium Insect Repellent, which is a pre-treatment spray that you can apply to your camp clothes, sleeping bags, or even your tent before you go camping. Just let it dry and you’re good to go. Once treated, your gear will be protected for up to six washings or 42 days of sun exposure. Now I haven’t tried that product yet but you can be sure that it’s on my shopping list!

If you want to learn more about Sawyer or check out their other products, be sure to check out their website at


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