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Off-Road Driving School | Saves Drivers Money & Saves Lives

Posted on December 10, 2023

After spending so much time on the trails this year, I’ve seen a huge need for a proper off-roading school in my region. Unfortunately, I’ve come across many 4×4 drivers who lack the skill that they would like to have, and as such they struggle on the trails. I have also seen drivers spend tens of thousands of dollars on upgrading and modifying their vehicles to compensate for their lack of skill and knowledge to get them over the same obstacles that skilled drivers can tackle with stock vehicles. I’ve also seen quite a lot of drivers suffer ‘trail damage’ from hitting trees, rocks, etc, or sustaining mechanical failures because they damaged components due to poor off-roading techniques.

I’ve also come across some dangerous recovery practices, that have the potential to cause damage to vehicles, or serious injuries, or even death. Unfortunately, lack of training or knowledge, means people often use the wrong equipment for a given recovery situation, or they rush the process, which creates dangerous scenarios for those involved, or even standing nearby.

With all this in mind, I’m pleased to announce that I am starting the “Get a Grip Driving School” in Ontario, Canada. This school will focus on teaching the basics of off-roading, as well as provide a Recovery Clinic to teach people how to do safe recoveries.

Not only will this help create a more enjoyable experience, and improve safety, but it will also save people a tremendous amount of money in repairs and unnecessary upgrades, as well as less damage caused to the environment.

To learn more, please visit the “Get a Grip Driving School” website.

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