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Survival Courses

1 Day Course.

The one-day survival skills program focuses on the priorities of a Survivor, and the tools that can help you get home to your loved ones. The subjects covered include; Proper mindset, shelter, fire, clean drinking water, signaling for rescue, basic trapping and food gathering techniques.

3 Day Course

The three-day basic Bushcraft Workshop allows a newcomer to the woods the opportunity to expand their skills and step into the world comfort that the woods has to offer. Skills that are included in this class are; knife use and carving techniques, shelter building(how to hang a tarp, debris huts, and the lean-to are all covered in this workshop). Navigation(both with compass and with nature), fire making with (flint and steel, matches and Ferro rod), Learning to identify edible plant life. Basic hunting techniques.

4 Day Course

The Four-day Advanced Bushcraft Workshop starts where the the Basic Bushcraft Workshop left off. The new-comer can now become a true Woodsman Wanderer, and call nature Home. The first two days of class are focused on expanding skills in the fire, shelter, wild food, and cooking areas. While the final two days are spent living on the land with the instructors, away from modern shelter and other conveniences


Modern life, We are often told, conspires to pull the family apart. Our Family Bushcraft course offer you the chance to be a real family unit. They offer the fun of camping but with the added bonus of discovering nature and experiencing bushcraft together in a stimulating and safe environment. This course will follow the same guide lines as the 3 Day course.


Our Junior Bushcraft Survival courses are aimed at adventurous youngsters not yet old enough to attend the adult course. For the 11-16 age group, exposing budding young Bushcrafters to the wonders of nature for 2 days, without a parent or gaming console insight.


our Corporate Bushcraft Survival Courses are aimed at bringing co-workers closer together, while building confidence in ones own abilities. While improving leadership skills, and positive thinking in themselves, while getting out and learning new skills. This course will follow the same guide lines as the 3 day course, just with a twist.   Corporate discounts available.

1 on 1
Our 1 on 1 Bushcraft Survival Courses are a 3 day intense course where you will live off the land with nothing but a handful of items. Where its just you and the instructor, you will do all the work and the instructor will over see everything that you do and give pointers.

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