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About Chronicles of Adventure

Life is indeed very short and most people simply allow it to pass them by. For a lot of people, the most they travel is to some sandy beach resort or perhaps a cruise, but for most people, they don’t even get that much.

My recent life altering battle with cancer has certainly reminded me how fragile and short life can be.

The world is just as full of beauty as it is of danger, but it’s usually just the dangers we hear about and where they are and that scares us away from them. The most beautiful things are sometimes the hardest to get too but the right knowledge, equipment and experience is not only the key to success, but also to your survival.

SOL Emergency Bivvy

As for me…I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’m a skilled driver, motorcyclist, and photographer. My best work was as an advanced, tactical and winter driving instructor, and road safety specialist. I am also an experienced outdoors person, and former Infantry in the Canadian Forces.

Be it archery, rock climbing, camping, hiking, motorcycle adventures, road trips, off-roading, or blasting around on a race track, I certainly enjoy dabbling in a wide range of life’s adventures and challenges. Some of my friends have jokingly called me “Survivor Shaun” after my exploits on winter survival (while stranded in a vehicle), and solo winter camping in sub-freezing conditions, but I like the other Seasons too. I also often discuss various survival tips in my articles and videos that everyone could benefit from.

I recently completed an epic road trip in Canada (in 2022) from Toronto, Ontario to the Arctic Ocean in the North West Territories and back. Almost 18,000kms in a 20 year old VW Eurovan! You can learn more about by Clicking here.

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