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Bear Outbreak RTH Compound Bow

Posted on March 9, 2014

This is not only my first compound bow but perhaps also my last. It’s that good. If it should ever break or somehow be damaged, I will likely buy another one if it’s available.

The main reason for purchasing this specific bow is because of it’s wide range of adjustment. The draw weight range is 15-70pds, with an arrow speed of 308fps, and the draw length can adjusted 16″-30″. This was ideal for me since initially I thought I could de-tune it for my son to shoot it as well. The fact that all the adjustments can be done without a bow press meant that I could do it all myself while at the range. It only took about 5min to change the bow from my settings to the settings for my son.

It wasn’t long though before we both wanted to shoot at the same time, so I bought him an entry level bow of his own and that meant I could really tune this bow exactly the way I liked it, without having to keep changing everything for ‘mini-me’.

bear_outbreakThe bow comes with everything you really need or want on a compound bow and really is “Ready to Hunt” as advertised. Assuming that you buy it from a store, they do all the initial setup for you (draw weight, length, peep ring, etc) so all you then need to do is spend some time adjusting & tuning the sights. Obviously if you buy this bow online, you will have to do everything yourself. The package includes not only the bow, but also a 4-arrow quiver (which is attached to the side with a quick release), a Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, a large three pin sight, wrist strap, stabilizer, nock loop (D-Ring) and a peep sight.

The removable quiver is ideal for hunters by holding four arrows with broad heads but I found the rubber grips held the arrows pretty tightly and removing the arrows exerted a lot of flex to the arrow shaft. This is not good for my carbon arrows so it wasn’t long before I removed the quiver and instead used a hip quiver. Since I only do target shooting, a hip quiver made more sense since they are easier to use, there is no flexing of the arrows and they can obviously carry more than just four.

The sight was good and certainly more than adequate for both hunting or target shooting and the pins could be adjusted for quite a range of distances. Personally I found it a tad large and eventually upgraded it to a smaller, illuminated one (gotta love Christmas gifts). The sight that came with the bow is now mounted on my sons compound (instant upgrade for him too).

Arrow rests are often highly debated as to what style is good and what isn’t. Some insist that drop-aways are the best, whereas others insist that capture style is the way to go. The Bear Outbreak came with a capture style Whisker Biscuit rest and I love it (I even bought one for my sons bow also). Once your arrow is loaded, it’s not going to fall out…period. This is ideal for newer compound archers and also perfect for hunters (just load the arrow and forget about it until you’re ready to shoot). The bristles do wear out over time though and eventually the whisker ring needs to be replaced. After about 2000 arrows passing through it, mine is only just starting to wear out. So unless you’re shooting 300-500 arrows every single day, this shouldn’t really be a concern for anyone.

The only problem I’ve had with this bow seems to have been a one-off because the shop I bought it from (who sell and service a hell of a lot of hunting bows) had never seen this issue before on any bow. The problem was that the string suppressor bar snapped at the mounting point after a few months of heavy shooting. This was presumably caused by the vibration of bow causing metal fatigue but the metal in the bar seems to have been weak to begin with (manufacturing defect). Heavy usage just brought the issue front and centre very early but because the bow was under warranty, it was replaced without question and I was back to shooting.

Whether you’re a target shooter (adult or child), or a hunter looking to take down a Moose, this bow can pretty much do it all. It is probably the most versatile compound bow on the market and once you’ve tuned it properly, it is insanely accurate. I’ve Robin Hooded several arrows at distances of up to 30m.
Two thumbs up!

Purchased from BassPro in Vaughan

55 lbs. of adjustment (15pds-70pds)
80% let-off
Draw length range of 16″-30″
Easily adjusted without the use of modules or a bow press
Dual Cam System
Axle-to-Axle: 29-1/4″
IBO speed: 308 fps
Brace Height: 7-1/4″
Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Colour: RealTree APG Camo

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