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Black Diamond Mercury Cold Weather Mittens

Posted on January 31, 2021

When the Mercury drops, you’ll want your hands in a pair of these!

After my last pair of winter gloves started wearing out, it was time for something new and since I was spending so much time standing around outside is some seriously cold temps, I needed some serious protection for my hands. I’ve had mild frost bite a couple times before and the doctors tell me that because of the damaged that caused, that I would be more susceptible to getting frost bite again in the future if I wasn’t careful.

I tried some heated gloves but as luck would have it, the first pair that I received was defective and stopped working after an hour. The seller was quick to replace them to avoid any negative reviews online but they too were defective and stopped working after 2hrs. Time to forego the fancy battery powered stuff and just stick to some good ole fashioned mittens made with modern material.

It didn’t take me long to decide upon the Mercury Mitts made by Black Diamond. Black Diamond is known for making quality outdoor equipment so the odds were good that the quality would be good and my hands wouldn’t freeze.

They have an inner split finger mitten made of fleece which is extremely warm on their own and with the outer shell, don’t be surprised if your hands start sweating a bit. If it’s only freezing outside, then it’s still too warm to put these on.

They aren’t cheap but they really are worth the money. If you find yourself in temps below -30c (-22F) you may consider dropping in one of those chemical hot pockets to help out but if you’re active, like hiking, skiing, or snowboarding, the “hot packs” probably won’t be needed.

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