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Bucket List – Item Checked

Posted on May 24, 2016

We all have  things that we would like to do before we kick the bucket but some people actually have a proper list, at least in their mind anyway. Not everyone gets to check off every item though. Actually, most people don’t despite their best efforts. Hey, life happens right?

A friend of mine is one of those people who has a proper list in her head and I had a way to check off one of her items…flying in a glider. 

I’m fortunate to have a very diverse pool of contacts and one is very active in a glider flying club. After a few conversations, I knew how to make this happen; where to go, the costs, etc and I wanted to do it on her birthday as a surprise. 

Now we had previously gone on random country drives before so when I made plans with her to go for a nice drive, she didn’t suspect a thing. After a couple of hours, she brought my attention to a field of gliders “Oh look Shaun! Gliders!” to which I replied “Oh ya, look at that. Very cool”. Then she noticed me slowing the car and signalling to turn onto a small road heading to the air-field. That’s when the penny dropped and a lump built up in her throat. 

After making the arrangements and paying the fees, she got the ride of her life. Check one off the bucket list.

A big shout out to the SOSA Gliding Club

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