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Offroading Equipment

Some would argue with me but I believe that offroading is more about skill and knowledge than about having all the latest and greatest equipment. Lots of 4×4 enthusiasts are adamant that to have fun, or be successful at offroading you need the massive 42″ tires and a 6″ lift kit and enough aftermarket lights that when activated they could be seen from space.

Some things are generally all agreed upon though…you’re going to have to air down your tires when you hit the trails, or sand, rocks, or whatever. You don’t actually need anything special to air down your tires (a key or even your finger nail will do) but having an air down tool makes the process a lot faster and more accurate. Airing back up is another story though. You either need some sort of air compressor with you, or it’s a slow drive to a gas/service station to use their air hose.

Recovery gear is also essential. At some point, you or a member of your team, is going to get stuck. The list of equipment can be fairly extensive but so long as you have some essentials, you should be able to get out of most situations. Items like tree savers, tow straps, kinetic ropes, shackles, traction boards, winches, are all items worth looking into. It’s important to note that not every vehicle needs to have all this stuff but at least one vehicle should.

Gloves…EVERY vehicle needs at least one pair of work gloves. You’re hands will thank you.

  • Recovery Equipment
    • Kinetic Rope
    • Soft Shackles
    • D-Shackles
    • Recovery Hitch
    • Tree Saver
    • Pully (Snatch Block or Recovery Ring)
    • Traction Boards
  • Winch (minimum 9000pds but 10k and 12k are popular)
    • Synthetic vs cable is a no brainer. Synthetic is more expensive than steel cable but it’s much easier to use, doesn’t bind up as much on the spool and is much safer.
    • Most come with a hook with a flimsy latch. It’s a good idea to upgrade that to a closed loop system instead.
Air Down Tool
  • Air Down Tool
  • Jack (scissor jack, bottle jack, or the famously dangerous Hi-Lift Jack)
  • Tire Removal Tools (tire iron, or impact gun, socket extension, proper socket size for your lug nuts)
  • Tire Repair Gear
    • Plug/Patch Kit
    • Spare Valves
    • Valve Cores
    • Valve Caps
    • Valve Puller Tool

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