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Fuel The Dream! Help fulfill a dream by donating to the fuel fund

Posted on March 15, 2022

My van “Moose” is pretty much ready to go now. Some rather expensive repairs has put the 3C Canadian Road Trip/Expedition at jeopardy. Although I’ve recovered from the repair costs, I simply don’t have the money, nor will I be able to earn enough, to afford the fuel needed to fulfill the dream of completing the ultimate Canadian road trip of visiting all three Canadian coasts this summer.

My girlfriend started a GoFundMe campaign to try and help raise the needed funds. I’m asking all my friends, family, and now the public to help out however they can. I really am counting on the generosity of strangers here.

Being a recent cancer survivor and having undergone surgery, chemo, and months of radiation therapy, it has really driven home how important it is to enjoy life while you can. With cancer a reality of my life, I know that I have less days ahead of me than I have behind.

I’ve been postponing this dream trip for years, for one reason or another, but if I keep doing that, I’ll never end up doing it. Any Overlander, or VanLife person will tell you that if you wait for everything to be perfect, you will never get started, and I’m realizing the truth of that. So this summer, on the two year anniversary of my cancer surgery (June 24th), I plan to hit the road and start heading toward the west coast, then the north coast, and then to the east coast before looping back and returning home.

You can follow the adventure on my YouTube channel and here on this blog.

You can donate via GoFundMe by clicking here. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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