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GOLABS Power Station

Posted on June 19, 2022

Nowadays, going completely “off-grid” while camping doesn’t really happen anymore. We still want our phones, cameras, and even laptops charged up at all times. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I ain’t judging…I’m the same way!

The easiest and cheapest way to do this, is to get a power bank/power generator. Now gas powered generators have been used for decades for RV, motorhomes, and camper trailers but they are big, noisy, and stinky. The newer, cheaper option is a small battery bank of some sort but there are many popping up on the market with various capacities. They can range from 150W for under $200 up to 2000W for thousands of dollars.

I would suggest that if you are only 1-2 people needing to keep your phones, cameras and a laptop charged up, you can get by with a smaller unit. Especially if you are only off-grid for a couple of nights.

This 300W unit from GOLABS is what I could afford at the time and while I’m driving, it’s kept charged up from my van via a 12V adapter. Although more is always better, but they take up a lot more space in your vehicle, this 300W unit is so far suitable for my needs. I also paired it with a 100W solar panel to extend my power needs, which is working great.

Once again, you can find these on Amazon and the prices do range. The Jackery brand seems to be the best but they do come with a hefty price tag. The GOLABS brands are much more affordable, although their capacity is limited to the lower range (1000W and up doesn’t seem available at the time of writing this).

Again though, if you are only going off-grid for a few nights and only need to charge a few mobile phones, a camera or two, and a laptop or tablet, you should be fine with a 500W unit or less. My 300W unit when paired with 100W of solar panels has so far gotten me by just fine.

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