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Gut Wrenching News – Timing Chain Fail Puts Trip at Risk

Posted on January 30, 2022

Not a good way to start the 2022. Just two days into the new year and disaster strikes. The timing chain on my van failed and I was stranded. With no choice, I had my van towed to my mechanic. I knew this would be a huge ordeal and I knew I would have to weigh the pros and cons of having it repaired at all. The van was then towed to another shop, who are experts on Volkswagens and who are more familiar with what would have to be done. They would have to drop out the chassis, transmission, and of course the engine before they could start opening up the engine and start the repairs.

With a global supply chain in taters due to the pandemic and so many people around the world off sick at the same time, it would take over a week for most of the needed parts to arrive. Once they did, wouldn’t you know it…the shop where my van was had their own outbreak of Covid-19 which shut them down for a week, and then…a snow storm prevented the mechanics from getting to work. Sheesh.

It would be three weeks at the shop before they finally got to work and it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. Cracked coolant housing, problems with the camshafts, and cracked hoses all had to be addressed. Sigh.

I finally got my van back with the work mostly complete. I still have to go back for to have the chain tensioner replaced because that’s still on backorder, so who knows when it will arrive…maybe a couple more weeks. In the end though it was a $4000 repair bill. OUCH!

This is a huge financial blow that puts the trip at risk. My main winter gig was to work with the winter car control school in Minden, Ontario but that got delayed because of another lockdown in Ontario in January. So no income from that but February will be busy but come March I will have to find another source of income. Hopefully I will have the van paid off by March and then and then I can start saving towards the trip. Coming up with the funds is going to be tough though.

Stay tuned.

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