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Klim Nak Pak – Review

Posted on March 15, 2014

Klim NakKlim first started off making winter alpine clothing and over the years they have started designing other gear that appeals to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts. Here we take a look at Klim’s Nak Pak that I borrowed from a friend of mine. It’s a nice rugged day pack that fits really well on most body sizes and frames. The padded straps are perforated, as is the ‘air flux’ panel on the back, which really helps keep your body cooler on those hot and sticky days. The adjustable sternum straps are a really nice touch. Not can you adjust the length but also the height along the shoulder straps making for a nice comfortable fit. The added waist strap really sets this bag apart from many of the other hydration packs. Getting the weight on your hips and off your shoulders makes a huge difference in comfort on longer outings.

The large main compartment has mesh accessory pocket and another pouch for the hydration bladder. Klim includes a 3L bladder with the bag, which I must say is one of the nicest I’ve ever used and won’t leak so long as you don’t squash it too hard (that hasn’t happened yet with this bladder). There are also two exit ports for the hydration tube so you can run it along whichever shoulder strap you prefer and each strap has a little pouch that you can tuck the mouth piece into preventing it from getting dirty (the mouth piece does have it’s own cap though).

There is also a removable zippered tool pouch that slips between the large main compartment and the smaller outer one. You can use the tool pouch for pretty much whatever you want. It opens up really wide making it easy to get to your tools, gloves, etc and there is a zippered mesh pocket inside there where you can stow your keys, wallet, or other small odds and ends. The outer zippered pocket has a felt-lined interior for items that you don’t want scratched like your goggles or sunglasses.

On the outside, there are lots of options (sleeves and attachment loops) for storing a shovel, snowshoes, ski poles, etc until they are needed. If you’re a snowmobiler, you can see the plus sides of that. For motorcyclists, there is lots of space for your gloves, rain gear, inner jacket shell, munchies, etc and would make a great addition to your riding gear as you hit the twisties on cool or hot days. This is also a great choice for cyclists who like to go on long rides or do some mountain biking or trail riding. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

This bag can also appeal to many other people as a simple day pack for those who like to go for long walks, hikes in the woods, or weekend picnics. This could even work well for the minimalist camper who only needs a small tent or tarp, small camp stove & cookset, and a bit of food and water (perhaps pack a water treatment kit as well). I might have to give that a try one weekend. The bag retails for about $105 and can be purchased at either quality outdoor stores, or at motorcycle & snowmobile equipment stores, or from the Klim Website. If you spend even a decent amount of time outdoors, this is a great bag to add to your pile of gear. If you know someone who likes long walks, hikes, picnics, is a cyclist, snowmobiler, or motorcyclist, be sure to consider getting this for their Birthday. They will love it!

I would be far more likely to buy one of these vs say a Camel Pack because of the added storage, greater versatility and durability. It’s worth the extra money.

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