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Maxpedition Mongo Versipack® – Review

Posted on March 12, 2014

Mongo-1I recently picked up one of these Maxpedition Mongo™ Versipack’s and I absolutely love it. Maxpedition has a huge line-up of different types of bags so no matter what your needs are…they will have something for you. From backpacks, to belt pouches, to travel luggage, to shoulder bags…they really do have something for everyone.

The reason I picked up one of these bags, is because I needed something I could comfortably use as an Everyday Carry bag (EDC) and that could carry all my stuff. GPS, folding knife, tools, food, water, tablet, phone, multi-tool, gloves, toque, etc…the Mongo was able to handle it all with space to spare. If a guy needs a good ‘murse’, this is worth considering.

The bag itself is made of 1000-Denier water and abrasion resistant nylon with heavy duty stitching and para-cord pull zippers (YKK ones). If you get it dirty, just wash it off with a damp cloth. If something gets poured on it, no worries. The water or rain will just bead right off of it (although it will collect on some of the seams but shakes right off). Now it’s not water proof though so don’t dunk it and expect the contents to stay dry. All the webbing, straps and clip points are all heavy duty and reinforced for some serious abuse. Since I’m pretty hard on my bags, I really needed one that could handle a beating and this one sure does.

Mongo-TopThe top flap has a large zip pocket which is the whole size of the flap and on top of that is a double zipped ‘administration’ pouch. Inside that is a zipped mesh pocket and several elastic loops that you can tuck things into. The flap itself is secured with a heavy duty 2″ quick clip. On one side of the bag is a pocket that can hold a 1L Nalgene water bottle and has adjustable draw ties to ensure that smaller bottles don’t fly out. The other side has one well sized zippered pouch that you can stuff in a handheld radio and behind that is a slip pocket that you can stuff a small umbrella into (which is how I use it). On that side, at the base of the shoulder strap, is a mobile phone pocket that can handle most commonly sized phones and a small quick clip to secure it in place. On the other side of the shoulder strap is a bunch of moly webbing for you to clip a few things. The strap also has a large 2″ quick release clip to make it easier to get the bag off. If you really weigh it down, you won’t have to worry about having to hoist it over your head…just pop the clip.

Mongo-2On the front of the bag are a couple more zippered compartments that are very spacious. Both can hold a great deal of stuff. For those of you who live in places where it’s legal to carry a concealed handgun, you can easily tuck a pistol and a few magazines in either one of them. Moving inside the main compartment, which is covered by the top flap, it’s pretty much a cavern. If you can’t fit it in there…you’re gonna need a full on backpack. It closes up with a paracord cinch storm collar to help keep the inside dry. There is also another zipped pouch near the back (on the outside) which they call the CCW pocket (Concealed Carry Weapon) again for storing a handgun. In my case, I keep all my paperwork from work in there.

The back of the bag features closed-cell foam padding material to ease the strain on your back or hip. Speaking of hips, it also has a removable hip strap to help take the weight off your shoulders. If you’re like me and have the bag loaded up heavy, that hip strap comes in really handy when you’re off hiking in the woods or just strolling through the mall.

All of the Maxpedition bags are built tough and you really do get what you pay for. Yes these bags are pricey but in my books, they are worth every penny. If you want to find out more about this bag or any of their other products, check out their website at

To see what’s in my bag and for more details, watch the video below.

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