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My Van “Moose” | What’s in a Name?

Posted on August 12, 2022

Some people may be curious how my van got the name “Moose”.  Well, I’ve never really been one to name my vehicles, although a couple did have some sort of nickname. 

In this case though, I knew that this van would certainly have a significant role to play in my life in the near future. When I bought the van, it was just to have more space for my RC stuff and I planned on sleeping in it on the weekends when I went RC racing. I hadn’t at this point decided to drive around the country in it. Although…it didn’t take long for the idea to become planted in my head.

One day while working with the ILR Car Control School, at their facility in Brampton, I saw in the parking lot a small stuffed TY Animal and on the tag it said…Canada Moose. It was of course a small moose.

It was dirty and tattered and it looked like it had been driven over by a car or two, so I figured I would take it home and toss it in the wash. If it survived, it would become the mascot for the van and the van would be named Moose.

Well it survived the washing machine and now sits in the ashtray of the dashboard. It, like the van, got a new lease on life. 

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