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Smittybilt Air Compressor 2780

Posted on February 16, 2023

If you’re getting into offroading, you will quickly realize that you will need to air down your tires for better traction over rough terrain and avoid getting stuck every 20′ in soft sand. Usually airing down to 15psi is a good general start but sometimes, depending on your tires and the terrain, you may want to air down much lower.

But once you’re done, you have to air back up again and this can take a very long time. Then is when having an air compressor on hand is an important part of your offroading kit. There are lots of setups available from high end ARB Dual Compressors right down to el Cheapo ones from China designed for emergency use only.

Personally I decided to try out the Smittybilt 2.54 CFM Air Compressor 2780. It was in my price range and you can order one from Amazon (click here). It comes with everything needed to air up your tires but the connections are proprietary, which is disappointing, and it comes with a handy storage bag. Once hooked up to your battery, it will get all your tires aired up in about 10min which is certainly acceptable.

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