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Stranded in Minden – Won’t Start Due to Blown Starter

Posted on February 28, 2022
New Battery

Once again, my van “Moose” started showing his age. While up in Minden, Ontario Moose refused to start. At first, it seemed like a battery issue, and after getting a boost from one of the locals, I went and bought a new battery. The battery was only 3 years old, but I replaced it anyway based on the advice of a few mechanics I called. I was stranded. In a small town. 

With no access to money (my cards were all being replaced, and I was awaiting delivery). I borrowed some money from my boss, bought a new battery, and swapped it out in the parking lot of my hotel. 

Nothing. Sigh…It wasn’t the battery after all. 

Minden Auto Care

Based on the recommendations of the locals, I was referred to a local repair shop (Minden Auto Care), which happened to be a short walk from my hotel. Fortunately, he knew his way around Eurovans and felt confident he would figure it out once he had some time and when it warmed up. With the daytime highs at only -25c (-13F), it was simply too cold to check it in the parking lot of the hotel. A couple of days later, he had Moose towed to the warmth of his shop, and after a few hours, I got the phone call to come over to talk to him. Uh oh. That can’t be good.

The starter was corroded…badly. It would have to be replaced, but he assured me that it would be ready the next day. Fortunately, my banking and credit cards just arrived because this was going to be another big bill of over $700. With global shipping fees at an all time high due to Covid, everything is costing more, including car parts.

As luck would have it, the wrong starter was shipped to the shop, delaying the repairs by another day. 

The next morning I was walking down the street and noticed that my van had been moved, so I stopped in to get an update. Low and behold, Moose was ready. They even repaired a coolant leak that I told them about.

With Moose ready to go early in the day, I packed up what I needed and hit the road back to Toronto before a nasty storm rolled in. 

Another financial blow that put an even larger dent in my plans to drive across the country this summer. Fingers crossed.

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