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Woolpower Base Layers – Review

Posted on March 29, 2014

Woolpower-logoIt’s not too often I want to talk about my underwear (by that I mean never) and I know hearing about someone else’s underwear isn’t high on most peoples ‘enjoyable’ list. Unless perhaps someone is teasing you with something silky or lacy (you can find that kind of stuff somewhere else). So when I take the effort to talk about mine, you should probably take the time to read about it, because in this case, it really is something special. I’m talking about Woolpower under garments.

Woolpower makes a pretty good lineup of under layers including socks, long-johns, shirts, balaclavas, hats, and even mittens. No matter what part of your body you find gets cold, Woolpower has a solution with various degrees of thickness too. By that I mean they come in various weights measured in grams per square metre. The really great thing about this stuff is that it works when it’s wet. Unlike cotton or most synthetics that suck all your body heat away when they get a bit damp from sweat, this stuff still works.

Each winter I find myself standing out in the cold for long periods of time, or worse, sitting in a cold car unable to move around much to stay warm while trying to conserve fuel (I’ll only run the engine for warmth, when I really get cold). This past winter has been especially long, cold and miserable so I’m very grateful that I got a set of Woolpower under garments before the cold really set in. The Merino wool/polyamide fabric has a smooth outer surface and terry loops on the inside. I opted for the 400gram socks and Long Johns and the 200gram long sleeve crew neck shirt and I must say…they really saved my keester this winter. I was especially grateful to have them with me when I had to survive 24hrs in a stranded vehicle this winter. Damn that was cold and if you want to read about it, you can check that out here:

If you like any sort of outdoor sporting or hiking activities or if you’re just an average Urbanite who doesn’t like freezing their toes off while walking to work, give some serious though to getting some Woolpower base layers. You can find them at The Canadian Outdoor Equipment store.

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